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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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night. hello, everyone. i'm cameron mathison. >> and michelle breaking the news about chris he is 100% not backing out about hosting the oscars. >> i talked to the president of the academy and producer of the os and both told me that chris isn't going anywhere.
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the academy, announcing they're planning to double the membership by 2020. >> it's a start. it's a start. >> the way i feel has not and will not cha there is a way to stand down and make a statement. >> this is dealing with the symptoms starting at the root cause. >> i think it's interesting. we'll see whhappens. >> i think doubling is a great start, but we need to have mormonmo moniques, we need to have more denzels. >> it's a five-way tie, all the white guys. >> "snl" spoofed the academy controversy. and nick cannon posted a video. >> hell, yeah, going to host that ceremony where they're going to let a black man host the academy awards for two hours. >> the entire country is a racist country and sometimes it manifests in things like this.
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producer. >> is the academy ready for what chris rock will bring? because i'm expecting something banana bananas. >> yes, you should expect that. the academy is excited about him doing that, we know tha what we need, we knowthat's what the public wants. >> so he's not backing >> he actually wrote the show about a week ago. and as things got a little provocative and exciting, he said i'm throwing out the show i wrote and i'm writing a new show. >> chris has made announcements about the content of the show. chris snapped saturday night leaving the the comedy store on the sun set strip. >> i got an e-mail from someone last night who saw him out a comedy club and they say he was annihilated.
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th naacp image awards. host anthony anderson says he'll address the issue when he goes live on february 21. >> we're not going to harp on it all night, we'll it at the top of the show and move on. >> meantime the academy president says that t ongoing controversy has left herschel shockherschel -- shell shocks. >> i spoke to her at the producer's awards on saturday night. we had the camera backstage and you know that's how you capture the stars at their most candid. >> then while giving photographs, taylor discreetly hangs in the back ground.
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nominated song "what happens to you" then we see here backstage with with. >> he was there support his film the revenue. but it was the big short that became the oscar front-runner. the ei straight year are producer's award winner. >> this is so shocking, i love your reaction. >> viola davis also got some love herself from "elle" magazine. >> your elle cover gave me g bumps. i felt like i looked like me and i felt like me isenough. >> every time i talk to viola davis, i came a way a -- i wanted to know why -- promo for
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but look at that stare. >> when shonda shuts it down, she shuts it down. >> we'll have to wait until february 11 to see what's up with that, baby. gwen stephani just got the best present ever. jen? >> it might be a little cold here on the east coast, but down oklahoma this weekend, the romance between blake and gwen was definitely heating up. because nothing says next level that when a rocker chick goes country and what everyone dreams horse. >> this horse was decked in a western sadsdle with a fringg neck want, was purchased for $3,450. now the question is was this an engagement gift from bl to gwen.
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gave gwen the gift. so in other words don't go galloping down the aisle just yet. and back here in new york, th big question this weekend is rhonda -- the rumors that her rule mate travis brown proposed wearing a knockout diamond yeah on that singer. but i talked her rep and he says the pair is not engaged. >> thank you for comingout, even though there's two feet of snow on the ground. this wasbroadway, this was movie theaters, he even closed all the bars, tonight we're literally the object show in town. >> with literally nowhere else to go weekend, rhonda did hit up the s -- somebody that everybody was here talking about in the u.s. this weekend and for our blizzard update, we're going to turn to our friend and co-host. >> a time they shut down broadway, you know it's a big
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trying to get around, unless they fir jet, they're going have a hard time. >> she missed on her west coast tribute to sitcom director james burn. some of the biggest hits like friends and the big bang theory. >> stay home, two words, hot chocolate. >> steven tyler his daughter mia up popped up on a cnn report. he wasn't the only snow angel. >> they're having some fun in all that and as always, thanks to jen for all the scoop, in hollywood today, perfect weather as david duchovny got his star on the walk of fame. and you better believe david has a lot to celebrate after l night's premier of "the x fil reboot". >> i want to come back some time when it's not crowd and take a look at it.
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david's big moment on hollywood boulevard. 13 million vauers tuned in last night. >> when there actually is one that shows up, it's gratitudeto the die hard fans. >> there were some angry x file fans on the east coast. the nfc championship ran long which means tha the x files ran late. >> i think it's nice that you had football as a lead n i think we had a lot of new fans made. tonight it's going to start on time. >> coming up, we get to the bottom of ton quickie wedding. you have seen the rowpromos, now we're showing you the real smarkaeleal sparks on the set. >> oh, yes, we go inside the
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how to be single. who needs a date when you've got friends like these?
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dion after goodbye to her >> amy schumer and her sister
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award on february 13 their you remember they looked really cozy a golden globe party. then they're both at a selma mccarthy event. >> meanwhile, you know what? a lot of single women are reclaiming valentine's day, that's right they're turninging it into the ultimate girl's night out. and brothers is thinking on that with a bold new comedy how to be single. >> my character is keened of
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>> no drama. >> no drama. >> cupid reb wilson and dakota johnson is giving us a crash course on loving the single life. >> this is allies,she's been single for 100 years and has the need to make out with a random stranger. >> i think she's always depended on someone to do things for her and to make her fieldeel >> i love working with dakota, i think we have such different energies. >> have you been watching bridget jones again. >> why do you do that? >> it's so good. >> aliceopening valentine's day weekend, perfect for a sin girl's night out. >> again, let me teach you how to be single. >> three tips from the movie for flying solo, number one, obey the texting rule.
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alcoholic. >> step number two, let the boy by. >> that was a trick q what do you mean no? you don't pay for drinks, boys pay for drinks. up. >> the thing about being single is, you should cherish it. >> that was as close as we're going to get to a romantic movie for valentine's day. to the other movies opening are dead pool. >> coming up, exclusive paula loss. >> i know what makes me fans, too much lisping. >> behind the bachelor's wedding day.
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straight ahead. celine's griefcontinues. the singer and her children have been so overcome by the two deaths in her family, they did not attend their brother's funeral today. daniel age 59 died of cancer of the throat, tongue and brain january 15, two days after celine lost renee.
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final respects to her brother outside of montreal. her hair down, in a gray dress and black coat. she was without her three sons. outside, the singer reportedly began to sing to daniel who was also amusician. before she left, she thanked the fans. >> i was inside the basilica and i can you that celine was not the one getting strength from others, but she was giving it to the but i am happy that at some point she realized that she has to take care of herself. >> i've been saving this day for you. becca, will you marry me? >> what? everything is so sneaky, when they -- they left as a cliffhanger. it looks like ben and becca are getting married. or are th our "e.t" cameras were there when they shot that scene and we saw it all. >> these are great.
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>> i mean it. >> i'm actually ordained. and i'm -- i have the ability to marry some people. so today, i have invited becca to join me at the little white wedding chapel. >> let's just take this as a lesson in how to sexy up what would otherwise be called i'm not even go to get to first base kind of date. as they officiate some i becca's smart and gets in as mitch fun as possible. >> can becca's fingers ss ss ss ss gently run down ben's fingers an nelts the grab. a reassuring tap on the shoulder, fix the shirt. this one ended in a hug. and we haven't even fwoted gotten to the kisses.
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the air. love is in the air at all times during this experience. >> i think ben is t right guy for me. >> we give becca props her moves, especially when she's up for this. and jojo gets blowing chopper ride. and the other girls watching of cou get caddy. then he's totally unaware. >> these women are incredibly kind to each other, they're understanding, they communicate well. >> will you watching t kiss? >> ben's the kind of guy fight for. >> i'm not surprised if i find my future wife in group. so far things are going very well. >> it might not go so well if you get married at little white wedding chapel.
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tied the north -- knot there. >> th been a lot of concern over the president's health, you may have heard some reports that he is brain cancer free. the 91-year-old set the record straight, this weekend only with our special correspondent brooke anderson. >> having detected anycancer, but sometimes the cancer spots in my brain were one millimeter, which is a tiny little thing. and it's all -- i'm taking radiation and i'll continue that until the doctors tell me i don't have to anymore. >> diagnosis last august was stunning, metal static melanoma in his liver and hisbrain. >> how did her support help you through 4? >> her support has helped m for the last 69 years, since we have been married in everything i
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when i was ill, and thought i might die any time and she was there for and she grieved with me and was excited with me when i found out that my metabolism responded well to the treatm >> i was the only journalist invited inside the community center in plains, georgia for a fjd raiser, it was called changing paula into president. that paula? that would be pride of savannah, paula dean. >> i've known paula for a long time. >> i g we have been friends now for maybe about 14 years. >> paula is on the second leg of her press tour for her 15th cookbook. paula dean cuts the fat. you have probably noticed a little less paula when she was dancing with the stars. >> how much weight have you lost? >> 42 pounds. >> wow. >> just from exercise and diet.
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my life, i can't stand the word diet. instead of a stick of butter, i'll just use a half a steck. because every little bit counts. >> how do you feel health wise and otherwise? >> i'm great. my type 2 diabetes, my last blood work was 5.4, which is great. which is great. god is good. >> paula and the president share a passion for a painting an proceeds from this art a auction benefit local charities. >> one of president carter's paintings sold for $250,000.
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birthdays. onetonline, what the biebs did to make things awkward all
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and fans brought lean hemsworth and miley cyrus in on their last song. >> there was a little bit of magic involved. and kim richards heart breaking loss, the death of husband monty at just 57 years old. tomorrow on "e.t," miley and liam enguaged again? >> and behin the scenes of the very bromancic photo shoot. >> and 45 years after the women who loved manson. >> charlie.
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>> well back to t show, everyone, now in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which grammy winner was selected by colombia university but turned it down to pursue a music career? >> can did you guys guess? the answer is alicia keys. make sure tune in tomorrow, we are reviewing "the return of the walkingdead." we're going to take you behind the since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision
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today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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